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The Big Hack

Our country is in a state of total chaos: all standards and guidelines have been hacked in the Netherlands and nothing is working as it should. Traffic lights have shut down, phones can’t be charged, traffic is at a standstill and new products cannot be tested for safety. Are you the mighty NEN-hero who will come to the rescue of our country? Grab your cape and get ready to fly. It’s time for action!

4 Missions Nen cup
Nen map

Play four missions and get the highest score

As our NEN-hero, you can make the Netherlands completely safe again by playing four missions and achieving the highest score. Collect the most points by correctly answering the questions as quickly as possible. Challenge friends and classmates in the battle for the highest score. Play missions as often as you like to improve your own score. The goal of each mission is to grow your knowledge in the area of standards in the Netherlands.

Play Now Sandclock

Play and learn more about the NEN standards in the Netherlands

You may not notice or be aware of it, but in your daily life you come in contact with NEN and ISO standards every day. Think of travelling by public transport, paying with a debit card, charging your mobile phone, drinking a glass of tap water with no bacteria in it, or putting out a fire in the kitchen. Mega Hack will show you just how important our national and international standards are and the difference they make in our lives.

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